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Visual Identity Guidelines

Angelo State University’s name, seal and logo must be used in compliance with university operating policies for University Name Seal and Logo and Official University Colors and the guidelines below.

  • Names

    Angelo State University Trademarked Names

    All trademarked and licensed names used to describe Angelo State University must be included, such as:

    Angelo State University: The official name bestowed upon the university in 1969.

    Angelo State: The short version of the name, the only difference is the removal of the word “University.”

    ASU: The abbreviated version of Angelo State University. This is the shorthand way to say Angelo State University.


    (In accordance with the head coaches: intercollegiate sports teams bear the name Rams, Rambelles or Belles.)

    Angelo State Rams

    Angelo State Rambelles

    Angelo State Belles

    ASU Rams

    ASU Rambelles

    ASU Belles




    As of this update, women’s basketball and volleyball use exclusively “Belles.”

    UCPC: The abbreviated version for the University Center Program Council. 

    UREC: The abbreviated version of the university recreational center, better known as the UREC. (The official name for the UREC building is the Ben Kelly Center for Human Performance.)

  • Word Marks

    Below are the registered word marks owned by Angelo State.

  • Logos

    Angelo State University Trademarked Logos

    Below is the trademarked Angelo State University name and logo. When using the ASU name and logo combinations with school colors, the following rules must be followed:

    Rule 1: When using two (2) or more colors in association with the Angelo State University primary logo, the horn of the ASU logo should not be the same color as the ASU or the spelled out version, Angelo State University.

    As seen below, the horn is meant to stand out with its own individual color. The individual color of the horn emphasizes its location in the ASU logo.

    Secondary Marks, such as the Angelo State “U” logo, follows the same rules as the primary logo.


    Fact: When using two or more colors in the ASU logo, the inside of the U, which is referred to as the Eye of the Ram, should not be the same color as the Ram Horn.

    Rule 2: When using black and white colors in association with the Angelo State University logo the ASU horn may be the same color as the background (provided the background color is used as an outline), the ASU letters or the ASU symbol.

  • Internal Organization Logos

    Both the Angelo State University Recreation program housed in the Ben Kelly Center for Human Performance and the University Center Program Council have approved University Marks.The Ben Kelly Center for Human Performance is sometimes referred to as the university recreation center or UREC.

    The same two rules above apply to the colors and style used for these University Marks.

    The University Center Program Council is also known as the UCPC, which is abbreviated in the logo below.

    Both the UREC and UCPC logos follow the guidelines provided by Angelo State University that all of the other logos listed above follow.

  • Angelo State University Seal

    The Angelo State University Seal is the official imprimatur of the university. The ASU Seal is used on the institution’s official documents and correspondence, thus it is reserved for use at the discretion of the President’s Office. The diploma of each graduate, for instance, is affixed with the Official Seal in the school colors of blue and gold.

    The University Seal features a central shield that displays the ASU motto “Fiat Lux,” Latin for “Let there be light,” over a lamp of enlightenment. The lamp rests on a book, representing knowledge. The shield is flanked by a laurel branch on each side, signifying success.

    The crowning element of the University Seal’s inner medallion is a five-pointed star, representing the State of Texas. These components are encircled by an outer ring that lists the university name and the institution´s founding year, 1928.

    Because of the official nature of the University Seal, which is a trademark of Angelo State University, its use is limited both within and outside the university. Consequently, it is approved and licensed only for upscale consumer items, such as diploma frames, pen and pencil sets, paperweights and other products that help maintain the prestige of the seal.

    The Official Seal also comes in black-and-white and also blue-and-white versions. These versions also follow the same rules incorporated with the University Seal that is presented in color.

  • Mascot Line Drawings

    The Dominic registered trademarked ram head is a consistent symbol that represents not only Angelo State University, but also represents the community as a whole.

    A purebred Rambouillet ram, Dominic stands as a proud symbol of Angelo State University and the institution’s ties to the region and its people. San Angelo has long held a reputation as the “Wool and Mohair Capital of the World,” thus prompting the choice of mascot. In 1940, the first purebred Rambouillet, nicknamed “Shorty,” was given as the college mascot by D.T. Jones, a Carlsbad rancher and father of two San Angelo College students. The mascot was renamed “Dominic” in 1963 and is a regular fixture at ASU activities.

    The Dominic ram head comes in many different variations, including middle, left and right-side portfolios. These different portfolios are available in color, as well as black and white. These versions are copyrighted:


Identity Guidelines

  Please Don’t Do That.

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What Not to Do