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Knowledge: The Best Protection

Every person has assets – some few, some seemingly endless. Every day, world events enhance or diminish the value of these assets. These events may be natural occurrences or result either directly or indirectly from the actions of man. For example, an adverse weather event in South America may influence the price of the groceries you buy. Similarly, a diplomacy issue in the Middle East will likely influence the price of automotive fuel that you pay. Assume that, among your assets, that you have an interest in these products. How do you protect their value without knowing what the world has in store when you wake up every day? The answer is through a synergistic approach which includes critical thinking, discipline, and a knowledge of history. Critical thinking because every circumstance is unique and may require swift action. Discipline because human nature is comprised of ego, fear, and greed – all of which may influence reasoning. History because ego, fear, and greed are all universal conditions and those who have come before us have demonstrated reactions to these which should, if we are wise enough to learn from them, give us insight into how we should react. This course will use beef production and supply as a model to practice the importance of daily observation and critical thinking in protecting ourselves from the daily newsfeed.


F 33


TR 8:00-8:50


Dusty Sugg