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I am a third year Biology major with a Chemistry minor that will have completed 60 hours of class credit after the completion of the current semester. I plan to attend a Texas medical school after graduating from ASU with my bachelor’s degree. After the completion of medical school I hope to attend a residency program in Interventional Radiology, and ultimately establish my own medical practice.

I am a member of the ASU Honors Student Association, as well as our Tri-Beta National Biological Honor Society. When I am not occupied by my class work and organizational responsibilities I work part time, and spend hours at our local San Angelo Nature Center as an unpaid intern.

I hope to be elected as a senator for my respective major in order to advocate for legislation that will better suit our fellow students’ needs, and improve our university as a whole. I am a proud student of ASU and I want to ensure that our university is going to continue to innovate and improve during my time here. As a student of the natural sciences I am especially interested in improvements pertaining to our recycling initiatives and environmental conservation efforts. I look forward to serving our University to the best of my abilities and doing great things through SGA.