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Hyorim Lee

Mathematics Senator 


English (Mathematics Minor)



About me:

I came to ASU in fall 2015 as a double degree student from Ulsan, South Korea. Since I was born in Seoul and my dad had worked at the U.S. military base for a while, I am open-minded toward different cultures. I am always ready to meet new people and get along with people. My home college is the University of Ulsan. I was a secretary of the English club named the FETE under the guidance of Professor Sung-pyo Jun at Sociology Department. I did the ELLI internship at Center of International Studies during the summer, 2016. Currently, I am a secretary of the KSA; Korean Student Association. I am working at the Special Events Department as a set-up crew, as well. Because I have college experiences in both Korea and America, I totally understand that international students at ASU are struggling with cultural differences, academic issues, and language barriers. I want to help international students out from those problems. Also, there is a cultural variety at ASU, I want to help American students take the benefit of the diversity.