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Getting Connected

Wireless network access for faculty, staff, and students is provided by a secured wireless network. To make the transition to a secure network easier, ASU is providing access to a tool called XpressConnect. This tool will configure all wireless settings required to access the ASU wireless network. In order to connect to the network, you will need to authenticate using your ASU username and password.
XpressConnect is only needed for the first time when setting up your wireless connection. Most devices are configurable with XpressConnect with the exception of gaming consoles[LINK TO GAMING CONSOLE]. These consoles require a yearly registration to access the ASU wireless network.

XpressConnect will:

  • Configure wireless settings on Windows and Mac OS computers

XpressConnect will NOT:

  • XpressConnect will NOT access files on your computer
  • XpressConnect will NOT remain running on your computer - it is only needed for the initial setup of your wireless connection

Setup Steps

Remote Drive Access

Remote Drive Access allows students the ability to access their documents and files stored on the P: drive from the wireless network.

Acceptable Use and File Sharing

Students accessing the ASU network will be required to agree with the university’s information security policies which references copyright and digital media rights.

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