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Experimental Psychology Master’s Degree (M.S.)

  • Young scientist looking through a microscope in a laboratory. Young scientist doing some research.

New program starting in Fall 2018.

Our Master of Science (M.S.) in experimental psychology with an emphasis in behavioral neuroscience is designed to foster students’ expertise in research methods.

Coursework will include graduate level content addressing a variety of neuroscience topics, including neuroanatomy, psychopharmacology, research methods, statistical analysis, cognition and ethics.

The program emphasizes experimental research methods in:

  • Human and non-human laboratory settings
  • Statistical analysis
  • Core work in cognition and behavioral neuroscience


Master of Science in Experimental Psychology


Career Opportunities Include:

  • Entering a Ph.D. program (e.g. cognitive, behavioral neuroscience, social)
  • Provide research support in public or private labs
  • Psychometrician (educational measurement or psychological measurement)
  • Instructor in higher education

Program Highlights

  • Students will be prepared for admission into doctoral psychology programs.

  • Human and non-human animal laboratory research opportunities are available.

  • Students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members on research.

  • All core courses are taught by ASU faculty with doctoral degrees.

  • Only graduate program in the Department of Psychology and Sociology to offer non-human animal laboratory research.

Admission Formula

[GPA times 100] + GRE Quantitative + GRE Analytical Writing Conversion (AWC) ≥ 620 for regular admission.

Admission Requirements

  • All college and university transcripts
  • Essay of no more than 500 words about how you believe our program will help you achieve your career and personal goals
  • Three letters of recommendation (two must be from academic sources)
  • Face-to-face or Skype interview
  • The GRE will be required if:
    • You do not possess a bachelor’s degree in psychology
    • Your overall undergraduate GPA is less an 3.25
    • Your undergraduate GPA in psychology courses is less than 3.5

Letter of Recommendation


  • Hold a bachelor’s degree. Must have an undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.25 or a 3.5 in psychology coursework, including repeated courses.
  • Nine hours of undergraduate psychology or related coursework is strongly recommended

Degree Plan

Thesis or Non-Thesis Option (42 semester credit hours)

Students must complete a minimum of 39 semester credit hours of graduate-level work and three additional semester credit hours of graduate level work in supporting electives.

Psychology required courses: 6364, 6366, 6342, 6336, 6368, 6369, 6370, 6365, 6373, 6316, 6367

Thesis students only: 6699 (Thesis) or 6399 (Thesis) twice.

Non-thesis students only: 6391 (twice) for capstone project

The remaining three hours of a supporting elective can be chosen from:

  • 6347
  • 6317
  • An elective approved by the graduate advisor
  • Carr Graduate Scholarships

    Carr Graduate Scholarships  are ASU’s premier scholarships for graduate students. Awards are based on undergraduate GPA. Students are considered for the Carr Graduate Scholarship upon their acceptance into the College of Graduate Studies. No application is required.


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