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Texas General Education Core Curriculum

Degree plans for undergraduate students at Angelo State include three components: a general education core curriculum of prescribed courses, academic major course requirements, and elective courses. These components address exemplary educational objectives designed to ensure our students acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities traditionally regarded as basic to a university education. This includes communication, creative arts, English, general studies, government, history, language, philosophy, and culture, life and physical sciences, mathematics, and social and behavioral sciences.

The core curriculum applies to all academic degrees and  is common across the State. If you took a core requirement at any public institution in Texas (annotated on your transcript with a core code) and then transfer to Angelo State, ASU will accept the course as fulfilling that portion of your core requirements.  

All ASU graduates are expected to gain competency in a major field of study, but the curricular goals that distinguish university education from professional development are those associated with the core curriculum. For predeclared majors, the core also facilitates the exploration of prospective majors.   The following is general education core curricula for ASU. For additional information regarding specific academic major requirements, refer to the appropriate section of the University Catalog (e.g., for a major in English, review the Department of English requirements).

Watch Out! 

You may choose a major which has some more rigorous or more specific requirements than the core. Most science majors, for instance have more intensive math and science requirements. In these cases, the major requirements have priority. For this reason and others, ASU students cannot enroll in courses, core curriculum or otherwise, without first consulting with an academic advisor. Refer to the University Catalog for more information on the core curriculum, degree requirements, and electives.

Major Requirements
Program Hours Requirements
Communication 3 COMM 2301
Creative Arts 3

ART 1301, 1302, 2301, 2302
HONR 2302
MUS 1341, 1342, 1351, 1376
TH 1311

English 6 ENG 1301, 1302
General Studies 1 GS 1181
Government 6 POLS 2301, 2302
History 6 HIST 1301, 1302
Language, Philosophy and Culture 3

CUL 2323; ENG 2323, 2324, 2325, 2328, 2329; PHIL 2301, 2311

Life and Physical Sciences 8

BIO 1410, 1411, 1481, 1482, 2423, 2424
CHEM 1401, 1411
GEOG 2301/2101
GEOL 1401, 1402
PHYS 1301/1101, 1302/1102
PS 1301/1101, 1302/1102

Mathematics 3

CAM 1351
MATH 1302, 1324, 1332, 1333, 1351

Social and Behavioral Sciences


AGEC 1331
ECO 1300, 2301, 2302
GEOG 2305
PSY 1303, 2301
SOC 1303, 2301

Degree Requirements may specify a core course.

  • B.B.A. degrees require MATH 1324 as the Mathematics required course.

In addition to Core Curriculum Requirements – degrees require additional courses that extend beyond the limit of the core curriculum as degree requirements.

  • B.B.A. degrees require 6 hours of Economics
  • B.S. degrees require more than 8 hours of Science
  • B.A. degrees require 3 hours of Humanities; Cultural Competence 2323; English 2323, 2324, 2325, 2328, 2329; Philosophy 2301, 2311, 2321; History 2331, 2332; or Honors 2305