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Science Day

Science Days

The Science Days program provides elementary school students in the fourth grade with the opportunity to experience science in an educational setting. It is the goal of this program to get students interested in the sciences early because studies indicate that once students reach the upper grade levels, it is much harder to stimulate their interest in the sciences.

To assure that students have the best experience possible, four ASU science departments participate in this program: Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry and Biochemistry.

As part of the Science Days program, students are exposed to the Angelo State Natural History Collections, part of the Biology Department. These collections demonstrate the variety of animal and plant life that can be found in the region surrounding San Angelo and in other parts of the U.S. and the world.

Students are also given the opportunity to participate in hands-on science demonstrations that provide them with a compelling perspective on the sciences. A geology demonstration teaches students about types of volcanic eruptions as well as types of rocks.

Students are also shown interesting and engaging math activities. A chemistry and physics magic show culminates each program to demonstrate more concepts in those fields. These concepts are explained at a level that the students can appreciate and understand.

Science Days Photos

Biology Collections
Our Biology Department provides students with the opportunity to view specimens from its reptile, mammal and plant collections.

Students are able to touch and feel rock samples and see demonstrations of volcanic explosions.

Students have the opportunity to solve a cryptogram in our mathematics section.

Students have the chance to get their hands “dirty” by examining biological samples and directly participating in hands-on demonstrations.

Magic Show
The last event of Science Days is our chemistry and physics magic show.