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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Students studying chemistry and Biochemistry at Angelo State.

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry and biochemistry have an impact on everything from the clothes you wear to the foods you eat and the medicines that keep you healthy. Students in our department develop skills in analytical and critical thinking as well as gain practical experience in research, chemical literature, instrumentation, oral presentations and scientific writing.

Advanced Technology

Chemistry and biochemistry rely on the use of scientific equipment, and our department constantly works to expand its technology capabilities. Our facilities and equipment reflect the type of technology that students will use when they practice professionally.  

Research-Minded Faculty

Faculty members in our department are passionate about guiding undergraduate students through a wide variety of research projects. In addition to providing one-on-one time for research students, professors also conduct their own research. Their areas of interest vary from trace environmental analysis to amino acid metabolism in organisms and the synthesis of possible estrogen derivatives.

Chemistry and Biochemistry Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department have several career options. Many go on to pursue advanced chemistry or biochemistry degrees in graduate school. Others begin careers as technical writers, teachers, lab technicians, biotechnicians, forensics experts or in one of several positions available within the chemical industry.

In addition to opening numerous career avenues, a degree in chemistry or biochemistry also serves as excellent preparation for students who wish to attend pharmacy, medical or law school.

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For more information about the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, call 325-942-2181 or email

Get a Scholarship

Several academic and research scholarships are open to chemistry and biochemistry students.

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Join a Student Organization

The ASU chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS) holds regular meetings and promotes chemistry education while involving students in campus and community activities.

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Science Days

This program works with fourth-grade students to create more interest in the sciences.

Science Days