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Chemistry Students in the lab

Undergraduate Research

Scholarship Opportunities

Welch Research Scholarship

This scholarship is open to chemistry and biochemistry majors who wish to do research at Angelo State University with a professor in our department. A call for research proposals for this scholarship is sent out toward the end of each fall and spring semester. Current distributions are $1,500 and $3,200 for long semesters and summer research, respectively.

Student Research Courses (CHEM 4191, 4291, 4391)

The department makes available various opportunities for students to participate in research or independent study projects. These are usually most appropriate for junior- or senior-level students.

The simplest and most common way to start such a project is by contacting a faculty member to see whether he/she is able to supervise a CHEM 4191, 4291 or 4391 (research) course.

The course may entail a specific research project or may be conducted as either an independent study project or a traditional course, but only on a topic that is not covered in the standard curriculum.

These are some of our faculty members who may be interested in offering a research course, along with some of the topics that have been offered in the past or may be considered in the future:

Dr. Carter: Analytical chemistry, trace environmental analysis and speciation of environmentally important elements

Dr. Hobbs: Polymer-supported catalysis, organic synthesis, polymer chemistry, surface chemistry, “green” chemistry

Dr. Maxwell: Organic synthesis, enolate chemistry and spectroscopic analysis of organic compounds

Dr. Osborne: Biochemistry

Dr. Osterhout: Biochemistry

More Opportunities
for Research

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