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Dual Credit FAQ

Getting Started with Dual Credit

  • When can I start dual credit with ASU?

    ASU encourages students who have completed their sophomore year and up. However, if you have special permission from your school counselor and/or administrator, you may receive permission to begin earlier than your junior year.

  • How can I find out if I qualify for dual credit?

    Contact your high school counselor to talk through the requirements and decipher if you meet them.

  • What is the difference between concurrent enrollment and dual credit?

    Concurrent enrollment means you are taking courses in high school and ASU, but do not need the credit received at ASU to meet high school graduation requirements. Dual credit means you are taking college coursework that will also count towards high school graduation requirements.

  • How do I find out what courses are available to me?

    You can look at the available courses or you can talk with your counselor. You will want to make sure you meet all TSI and prerequisite requirements to enroll in the class before deciding your schedule.

Currently Enrolled in an ASU Dual Credit Program

  • How can I obtain access to RamPort?

    You can call the ASU IT Help Desk at 325-942-2911 for assistance. It is best if you are by a computer when you call.

  • How can I access my course(s) on Blackboard?

    If your instructor is using Blackboard, they should have instructions to help you get set up. You can find the Blackboard icon at the top-right corner of your screen once signed in to RamPort. Note: Not all instructors use Blackboard. 

  • If I am not doing well in a class, can I drop it?

    There are two different ways to drop a class. If you drop before the 12th class day (census day) of a long semester, it is considered a “clean drop” meaning the course will be removed from your ASU record completely. If you drop after census day and before the semester drop deadline (see University Calendar for date), then you will be dropped from the course with a “W” for Withdraw posted on your official ASU transcript. If the drop deadline has passed, a final grade will need to be reported for the course. To start the drop process, please contact your  high school counselor.

  • How do I view my final grade for an ASU dual credit course?

    All instructors are required to post a final alpha grade for all ASU courses by the Monday after the last day of the semester. You can view your final grade for a course by logging in to RamPort, selecting the Rams icon. There you can select Final Grades to view for a specific semester, or you can select Unofficial Academic Transcript to view your entire transcript with your most recent grades at the bottom.

  • How does dropping a dual credit course affect me?

    If you drop the course with a “W”, this drop will not count towards your institutional GPA.  However, it will count towards your overall completion rate, which can affect eligibility for financial aid in the future. All higher education institutions have a standard completion rate you must meet in order to be awarded a financial aid package. Completion rate is calculated by viewing the overall hours you have attempted versus the number of hours you have completed. Example: If you are currently taking 6 hours and decide to drop a 3-hour course after census day, your attempted hours would show to be 6 and your completed hours would be 3. It is important that you are aware of your intended university’s completion rate before dropping any dual credit courses.

  • How do I obtain an Angelo State transcript?

    Visit the Current Dual Credit Students web page for more information.

  • If I take a dual credit course in high school, am I considered a Freshman or a Transfer student when I apply to college?

    You will complete a Freshman application for admission if you are applying to college and planning to attend summer or fall after high school graduation.