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  • Course Descriptions

    Honors Courses (HONR)

    • 2302 Great Works in the Arts (3-0). The course introduces students to the aesthetic, compositional, motivational, and cultural elements of the visual and performing arts. This course satisfies the core performing arts requirement for Honors students.
      Prerequisite: English 1302

      2305 Honors Seminar in the Humanities (3-0). A seminar-style course for first year Honors students. Students explore fundamental questions and issues in the humanities from a variety of perspectives, including the historical, cultural, philosophical, and scientific perspectives. Students outside the Honors Program may petition for inclusion with permission of the Honors Program Director and instructor.

      3381 Honors Senior Seminar (3-0). Readings and research on selected topics taught from a multidisciplinary perspective. May be repeated once for credit when the topic varies.
      Prerequisites: Junior or senior classification and good standing in the Honors Program.

      4191, 4291, 4391 Honors Research. Individual research problems for Honors Program students. May be repeated to a total of six semester hours of credit. This course is open only to current Honors Program students.
      Prerequisites: Six hours of honors courses. Student must be in good standing with the Honors Program and should be a junior or senior. Permission of instructor required.

      4373 Internship. This course is intended to provide Honors Program students the opportunity to perform an internship with an organization through the Honors Program. Internships through the Honors Program typically satisfy one or more of the major goals within the Honors Program. This course is only open to current students in the Honors Program. May be repeated for a total of six hours of credit.
      Prerequisites: Six hours of honors courses. Student must be in good standing with the Honors Program and should be a junior or senior.

      4381 Honors Research Seminar (3-0). Research seminar for Honors Program students focused on designing, implementing, and presenting original projects suited to the individual student’s discipline.
      Prerequisites: Junior or senior classification.

      4399 Honors Thesis. Faculty-directed independent research leading to the completion of the Honors Thesis project.
      Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of the Honors Program Director.

  • Course Requirements

    Course Requirements

    Students choose one of these course requirement programs:

    • Highest University Honors
      21 Semester Credit Hours (SCH) Required

      Students take all of the courses listed below.
    • High University Honors
      18 Semester Credit Hours (SCH) Required

      Students take all of our courses listed below except HONR 4399.

    HONR 2305: Honors Seminar in the Humanities
    This course is taken during the student’s first fall semester. It covers selected themes from historical, sociocultural, scientific, and economic perspectives.

    HONR 2302 Great Works in the Arts
    Students take this course during the second semester of their first year or the second year in the program. Satisfies Visual and Performing Arts requirement.

    HONR 3381: Honors Senior Seminar
    Students take this seminar during their late junior year or in their senior year. The seminar alternates among various disciplines. 3 SCH Advanced elective credit.

    Honors Research/Creative Activity
    This requirement is taken through an existing discipline or through an HONR research listing, preferably during the junior year. 3 SCH.

    Honors Hours in Major Discipline
    Upper division courses will be determined through consultation with departments and the Honors Program director. These are courses already required in the degree plan for the major, with an additional honors component added. Students take these courses during their junior and senior years. 6 SCH.

    HONR 4399: Honors Thesis/Creative Project
    Completed during the final semester.