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    Special Travel Opportunities

    NCHC Partners in the Parks

    Tara hikingThe National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) Partners in the Parks program is a distinctive outdoor learning experience. Groups of approximately 15 Honors Program students from universities across the nation spend a week exploring America’s national parks and monuments. Students engage with Honors Program faculty, park personnel, and visiting lecturers in seminars discussing the historical, scientific, and cultural development of the parks and their significance to American society.

    Summer 2016

    Clarisa Ham, Mammoth Cave National Park

    Brenna Hudson, New York City: Gateway to America

    Summer 2015

    Maigan Dunlap, Great Smoky Mountain National Park

    Taybor Flores, Great Basin National Park

    Summer 2014

    Jazmin Humphreys, Everglades National Park

    Lisa Myrice, Glacier National Park

    Summer 2013

    Jennifer DeBie, Great Basin National Park

    Holly Miles, Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument

    Jack Rebrovich, Olympic National Park

    Summer 2012

    Aimee Denham, Sequoia National Park

    Duncan Knox, Fire Island to Ellis Island

    Tara Serio, Acadia National Park

    Summer 2011

    Yolanda Elias, Olympia National Park

    The Washington Center

    Select students have the opportunity to participate in academic seminars and internships offered through The Washington Center and earn academic credit through Georgetown University. ASU Honors Program students have interned with agencies such as the Organization of American States, the Veterans Administration, and Management Dynamics in Washington, D.C. Others have participated in special presidential campaign seminars allowing them to experience the political process through attendance at national conventions of the major political parties and presidential inaugurations.

    Summer 2012
    Preston Wimberly, Campaign 2012 Presidential Seminar

    Summer 2009
    Jamie Mandujano, Management Dynamics and Organization of American States

    January 2009
    Heather Guthrie, Barack Obama Inauguration

    Summer 2008
    Heather Guthrie, Campaign 2008 Presidential Seminar

    Fall 2006
    Adina Schultz, Science and Policy Program/Veterans Medical Center

    Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference

    For the past four years, the ASU Honors Program has been invited to send a student to the United States Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference in Annapolis, Md. About 150 undergraduate students from the U.S. and several foreign countries engage in three days of seminars and discussions of significant contemporary issues, brainstorm potential solutions to modern dilemmas, and hear distinguished lecturers. Keynote speakers have included U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and former U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman.

    2015   Maigan Dunlap and Chelbee Farnen

    2014   Holly Miles

    2013   Duncan Knox

    2012   Preston Wimberly

    2011   Kenny Lammons

    2010   Kenneth Lammons

    2009   Sarah Smith

    2008   Heather Guthrie

    Air Force Academy Assembly

    Select Honors Program students have the opportunity to serve as delegates to the annual Air Force Academy Assembly held every year on the grounds of the Academy. Delegates hear prominent experts in domestic and foreign affairs and academia, participate in readings and roundtable discussions on the conference theme, and gain valuable leadership skills.

    2014   Aimee Denham and Duncan Knox

    2012   Josh Bennett and Trey Moore

    2011   Lisa Dees and Tara Serio

    2010   Brian Kelly and Clayton Sharum

    2009   Yolanda Elias and Derek Jones

    2008   Jared Bird and Jamie Mandujano

    Honors Conferences

    Students have the opportunity to attend national and regional honors conferences, where they can engage with other honors students, share distinctive elements of their own Honors Programs, present research, and compete for awards.

    National Collegiate Honors Council Conference Presentations

    2016 Seattle, WA

    Sydney Decker, “Phylogeography: A Genetic Analysis of the Norther Yellow Bat (Lasiurus intermedius) Subspecies in Texas (Poster Presentation)

    Maigan Dunlap, “An Analysis of Paleoclimates and Their Implications Using Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry (Poster Presentation)

    Christian Garcia, “The Presidential Election Cycle: Examining Twenty-First Century Returns and Market Movements” (Poster Presentation)

    Brandi Washington, “Gender Differentiation in Perceptions of Domestic Violence” (Poster Presentation)

    Brenna Hudson, Dance Master Class Showcase

    Emily Krause, Film Master Class Showcase

    Julia McDaniel, Drama Master Class Showcase

    Taylor Sparkman, Music Master Class Showcase

    2015 Chicago, IL

    Chelbee Farnen,“Proposing a Procedure for Quantitatively Measuring Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Slime Production (Poster Presentation)

    Tyler Hastings, Drama Master Class Showcase

    Julia McDaniel, Drama Master Class Showcase

    2014 Denver, CO

    Aimee Denham, Duncan Knox, Emily Perez and Dr. Shirley Eoff, “Building Community through Student-Led Projects” (Student Interdisciplinary Research Panel)

    Aimee Denham, “The Development of Infrastructure in India: A Necessity to Improve the Rural Health of Individuals in the Developing World” (Student Interdisciplinary Research Panel)

    Trey Moore, “Campaign-Style Rhetoric during Presidential Transitions” (Student Interdisciplinary Research Panel)

    Haleigh Arent, “Cost-Effectiveness of Pre-Adoption Treatment of Canines with Heartworm Disease for Rescue Organizations” (Poster Presentation)

    Braden Weinmann, “Music Absorption and Addictive Behaviors” (Poster Presentation)

    Jenni deBie, Poetry Master Class Showcase

    Tyler Hastings, Drama Master Class Showcase

    Holly Miles, PoetryMaster Class Showcase

    Sawyer Ricard, Poetry Master Class Showcase

    Evelyn Sullivan, Poetry Master Class Showcase

    2013 New Orleans, LA

    Aimee Denham, “The Effect of Bt Crops and Their Subsequent Formation of Cry Proteins on the Surrounding Environment” (Student Interdisciplinary Research Panel)

    Sean Motl, “Neglected Tropical Diseases: The Nexus of Global Health, Poverty, and Human Rights” (Student Interdisciplinary Research Panel)

    Adrienna Bingham, “Epidemic Models: Controlling Pest Populations with Vertical Transmission and Sterilizing Pathogens” (Poster Presentation)

    Jazmin Humphreys, “Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Mucoidy and Fluorescent Pigment Production when Grown in Estrogen-Supplemented Minimal Medium” (Poster Presentation)

    Josh McGuire, “Hofmeister Effects on the Structure and Fluorescence of Green Fluorescent Protein” (Poster Presentation)

    Tara Serio, “A Survey in the Devil’s River for Two Undescribed Species of Eurycea Salamander” (Poster Presentation)

    Jenni deBie, Poetry Master Class

    Tyler Hastings, Drama Master Class

    Holly Miles, Poetry Master Class

    Braden Weinmann, Music Master Class

    2012 Boston, MA

    Lisa Dees, Sean Motl and Dr. Shirley Eoff, “The Board of Directors Project: Servant Leadership in the Local Community” [with Christian Brothers University, Memphis, Tenn.] (Civic Engagement/Service Learning Panel Presentation)

    Aimee Dehnam, “Partners in the Parks Project Application” (Panel)

    Aeriel Elliott, “Uncomfortably Aging: Young Adults’ Stereotyping of the Elderly” (Poster Presentation)

    Cassady Hossenlopp and Brittney Welchon, “The Effects of pH and Temperature on Bacterial Endospore Inactivation in Various Species of Bacillus” (Poster Presentation)

    Binhong Lin, “The Use of Polypropylene as a Support for Catalysts/Reagents” (Poster Presentation)

    Preston Wimberley, “The Washington Center Campaign 2012: A Student Participant’s Perspective” (Roundtable)

    2011 Tucson, AZ

    Yolanda Elias, “When Science, Faith and the Classics Collide: Darwin’s Impact on the ‘Education Question’ in Victorian England” (Student Independent Research Panel)

    Yolanda Elias, “The Effect of Color Space on Wavelet Image Compression” (Poster Presentation, Winner NCHC Poster Competition, Business and Computer Science Section)

    2010 Kansas City, MO

    Yolanda Elias, Jennifer Sims and Dr. Shirley Eoff, “Partnering with Community Boards for Leadership Training” (Panel Presentation)


    Great Plains Honors Council Presentations

    2016 Siloam Springs, AR

    Chelbee Farnen, “Proposing a Procedure for Quantitatively Measuring Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Slime Production (Finalist Poster Competition)

    Jake Gonzales, “The Analysis of Internal Parasites in Mosquitofish Throughout Texas (Poster Presentation)

    Maigan Dunlap, “A Multidisciplinary Approach to Restoring Brine Water Impacted Soils Using Geochemical Analysis Techniques” (Poster Presentation)

    Charlie Wright, “Influence of Gender on Perceptions of Crimes Involving Sexual Relationships” (Poster Presentation)

    Evelyn Burch, “Regret and Relationships Through the Lens of Impending Death: An Examination of Mortality in the Death of Ivan Ilyich and Witt (Paper Presentation)

    Boo Wright, “The Art of Eating Foods: Dual Role as Both Necessity and Creative Outlet (Paper Presentation)

    Chelbee Farnen, “Lipopeptide Antibiotics Isolated From Paenibicillus Sp. Showing Promise in the New Age of Antibiotics (Paper Presentation)

    Emily Perez, “Globalization and Childhood Obesity: Peruvian Perceptions” (Paper Presentation)

    Vikash Ramnanan, “Potential Benefits of Psychopathic Traits in the Competitive World of Business (Paper Presentation)

    Jack Rebrovich, “Knots, Tangles, and their Applications to DNA” (Paper Presentation)

    Jack Rebrovich, “Special Values in Leamer Monoids (Paper Presentation)

    Zach Wimpee, “ECAL Energy Flow Calibration (Paper Presentation)


    2015 South Padre Island, TX

    Haleigh Arent, “Cost-Effectiveness of Pre-Adoption Treatment of Canines with Heartworm Disease in Rescue Organizations” (Poster Presentation)

    Aimee Denham, “Using DNA Barcoding to Identify Seeds in Fecal Samples of Fruit Eating Bats” (Poster Presentation)

    Sawyer Ricard, “Usability of Video-Based Website Designs” (Poster Presentation)

    Braden Weinmann, “Music Absorption and Addictive Behaviors” (Poster Presentation)

    Jenni deBie, “Horror: Inspired by, Based on, Separated from (A True Story)” (Paper Presentation)

    Aimee Denham, “The Development of Infrastructure in India: A Necessity to Improve the Rural Health of Individuals in a Third World Country” (Paper Presentation)

    Tyler Hastings, “Popular Entertainment in Rome and Its Modern Counterparts” (Paper Presentation)

    Duncan Knox, “The Suffolk Resolves: A Catalyst for Revolutionary Thinking” (Paper Presentation)

    Holly Miles, “Children and the Environment: How Nature Preschools Can Protect the Future” (Paper Presentation)

    Lisa Myrice, “Legislating Morality: The Progression of the Sodomitic Legacy in America” (Paper Presentation)

    Emily Perez, “Nursing in Central America: An Adventure in Guatemala” (Paper Presentation)


    2014  Fort Smith, AR

    Aimee Denham, “The effect of Bt crops and their subsequent formation of Cry proteins on the surrounding environment” (Poster Presentation)

    Jazmin Humphries, “Pseudomonas aeruginosa Mucoidy and Fluorescent Pigment Production when Grown in Steroid Homomone-Supplemented Medium” (Poster Presentation)

    Josh McGuire, “Hofmeister Effects on the Structure and Fluorescence of Green Fluorescent Protein” (Poster Presentation)

    Sean Motl, “Memorials Without Memories” (Paper Presentation)

    Jenni deBie, “Narrating Truth: Exploring Scientific Morality Using Narrative Fiction” (Paper Presentation)

    Max Kennady, “Examining the Use of Knowledge Technology by a Small Nonprofit to Attain Organizational Goals” (Paper Presentation)

    Duncan Knox, “Experiential Learning:  Exploring the Multiple Dimensions of the Transatlantic Slave Trade through the US-UK Summer Fulbright Program” (Paper Presentation)

    Holly Miles, “Birth and Rebirth: A Comparison of the Protagonists in the Works of María Luisa Bombal” (Paper Presentation)

    Tara Serio, “A Survey in the Devil’s River for Two Threatened Species of Eurycea Salamander” (Poster Presentation)


    2013 Canyon, TX

    Adrianna Bingham, “Epidemic Models: Controlling Pest Populations with Sterilizing Pathogens and Vertical Transmission” (Poster Presentation)

    Aimee Denham, “Sequoia and Kings Canyon: From Experience to Campus Application”

    Cassady Hossenlopp, “Detection and identification of the Dengue Virus That Tested Positive by ENegative with Conventional RE-PCR”

    Duncan Knox, “Fire Island to Ellis Island: A Historical Awakening”

    Josh Logsdon, “The Poor, the Penniless, and the Paupers: A Study of Social Welfare in Early Tom Green County, 1875-1930”

    Blake McCracken, “Using the Cordin 220 Camera to View Dynamic Events”

    Holly Miles, “Bureaucracies: Problems and their Causes as Evidenced by a Study of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles”

    Sean Motl, “Sensationalizing Genocide: The Balance Between Exploitation and Education in Rwanda”

    Tara Serio, “Acadia: Explorations of Nature and Self”

    2012 Overland Park, KS

    Erica Adkins, Yolanda Elias, Cassady Hossenlopp and Dr. Shirley Eoff, “Learning Outside the Classroom: International Internships and America’s National Parks as Tools of Student Engagement and Program Development” (Experiential Learning Panel)

    Erica Adkins, “Is Argentina a Safe Bet for Investors?” (Paper Presentation)

    Shaheena Anene, “Survey of Household Kitchen Supplies for Enteric Bacteria,” (Poster Presentation)

    Yolanda Elias, “When Science, Faith and the Classics Collide” (Paper Presentation)

    Megan Lewis, “Effect of the BIG Exercise Protocol on Gain in Persons with Early or Mid-Stage Parkinson Disease” (Poster Presentation)

    Binhong Lin, “The Use of Polypropylene as a Support for Catalysts/Reagents” (Poster Presentation)

    2011 Arlington, TX

    Shaheena Anene, “The Effects of Androstadienone on Human Behavior” (Paper Presentation)

    Elizabeth Black, “Effects of Cognitive Task on Postural Stability” (Poster Presentation)

    Yolanda Elias, “The Effect of Color Space on Wavelet Image Compression” (Paper Presentation)

    Blake McCracken, “Characterization of Resonant Cavities in Terahertz Parallel Plate Waveguides” (Poster Presentation)

    2010 Tulsa, OK

    Sagan Everett, Sarah Smith, Stacy Lee and Dr. Shirley Eoff, “Using Local History to Build Community Partnerships” (Teaching and Learning Presentation)

    Yolanda Elias, Stacy Lee, Sarah Smith, Nancy Larson and Dr. Shirley Eoff, “ASU Community Leadership Program” (Service Learning Panel)

    Yolanda Elias and Sarah Smith, “Conference Opportunities at the Air Force and Naval Academies” (Poster Presentation)

    Sagan Everett, “Changes in Prehension with Aging” (Poster Presentation)

    Courtney Snow, “The Use of CyberGlove and an Athletic Glove for Measurement of Reach-to-Grasp Kinematics in Healthy Adults” (Poster Presentation)

    2009 Lincoln, NE

    Jessica LaMirand, “WASPS of World War II: Challenging the Traditional Gender Roles of Americans During War Time” (Paper Presentation)

  • Programs

    Signature Programs

    Honors education strives to provide students with enriched classroom and co-curricular learning experiences that allow highly motivated students to maximize their individual potential and better prepare themselves for personal and career success.

    Alvin New Family Honors Enhancement Fund

    Summer Internships

    Cassady HossenloppCassady HossenloppA generous gift from ASU alumni Alvin  New allows the Honors Program to offer competitive summer internship funding to support distinctive travel and learning experiences for a select group of honors students. During the past four years, students have received funding for congressional and arts internships, special seminars offered through The Washington Center and the Fund for American Studies, and research internships with organizations as varied as the Organization of American States, the Armed Forces Research Institute for Medical Sciences in Thailand, and the Naval Weapons Development Institute in California.

    Individual students have traveled to Kenya and Rwanda for medical missions and human rights programs, to Argentina for international business opportunities, and to Boston for an internship at a Harvard University neuroscience lab. These distinctive programs offer life-changing academic and cultural experiences that better prepare our students to compete in the global marketplace.

    Summer 2015

    • Chelbee Farnen, Revolutions in Biomedicine Summer School at Imperial College, London, England
    • Haley Rhodes, Internship with U.S. Congressman Mike Conaway, Washington, D.C.

    Summer 2014

    • Duncan Knox, Internship with the Office of the Curator at the U.S. Supreme Court, Washington, D.C.
    • Emily Perez, Health-related services volunteer in Guatemala with the Cross Cultural Solutions program

    Summer 2013

    • Binhong Lin, Research with Dr. Shivraj Sohur at Harvard University
    • Joshua McGuire, College of Charleston’s Neuroscience Seminar, Germany
    • Donald “Trey” Moore, selected as a Presidential Fellow by the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress

     Sean Motl on his way to visit Dian Fossey's grave and research center in Rwanda.

    Summer 2012

    • Adrienna Bingham, Valparaiso Experience in Research by Undergraduate Mathematicians, Valparaiso University, Indiana
    • Blake McCracken, Safe Arms Development Branch of the Naval Air Warfare Center, China Lake Naval Base, California
    • Maxwell Kennady, Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
    • Sean Motl, Global Youth Connect Human Rights Delegation, Kigali, Rwanda

    Summer 2011

    • Erica Adkins, Comision de Intercambio Educativo intercultural exchange program, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Cassady Hossenlopp, Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences, Virology Research Unit, Bangkok, Thailand
    • Jessica Kindrick, Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, Texas
    • Blake McCracken, Detonations Science Branch of Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Development, China Lake Naval Base, California

    Summer 2010

    • Julianne Johnson, Open Arms International medical mission experience,  Eldoret, Kenya
    • Wills Register, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Center for Nervous System Repair, Boston

    Summer 2009

    • Jamie Mandujano, Organization of American States, The Washington Center, Washington, D.C.
    • Alexa Nichols, Congressman Mike Conaway’s Office, Washington, D.C.

    Exceed Expectations: Alumni Mentoring Initiative

    Monthly Skype sessions or campus visits link Honors Program students with outstanding alumni who have used the education they received at ASU as a springboard to exceed expectations and achieve significant career success. Alumni provide technical talks that expose our students to the latest developments in specific fields ranging from neuroscience research to e-commerce, as well as inspirational talks based on their own challenges and successes in the global marketplace.

    These professionals serve as mentors, provide introductions to various areas of expertise, and help identify internship opportunities in high-profile agencies and institutions. Students participating in the Alumni Mentoring Initiative are challenged to stretch themselves intellectually and personally and to exceed expectations as these outstanding alumni have.


    Community Engagement Initiatives

    The ASU Honors Program partners with a number of community groups to provide distinctive opportunities for leadership development, service learning, and cultural awareness. Students are encouraged to engage with the community, develop life-long habits of volunteerism, and prepare for civic leadership roles.

    • Community Involvement Initiative: This innovative program places select Honors Program students on the boards of directors of various nonprofit and government agencies in San Angelo. Students learn firsthand the challenges and rewards of board service, how to develop networking skills, and how to better connect to the San Angelo community. Students have the opportunity to contribute new ideas or special technical expertise, assist in finding energetic volunteers for their board’s activities, or even establish support organizations on campus.
    • International Military Student Officers Program: This program fosters cross-cultural awareness and contacts between Honors Program students and international student officers training at Goodfellow Air Force Base. The student officers represent various allied nations and meet with our students to share elements of their distinct cultures and insights into relations between the United States and their countries. The international officers reciprocate by inviting our students to the base to hear formal country briefings.
    • Honors History Project: Since 2005, the Honors History 1301 class has collaborated with the West Texas Collection and Downtown San Angelo Inc. to provide research into historic downtown San Angelo buildings and entrepreneurs for use in developing tourism and historic preservation materials. Students engage in primary research, develop critical thinking and communications skills, and provide a service to the community.
    • Honors Student Association Service Projects: The Honors Student Association provides volunteers for multiple community organizations ranging from children’s services and eldercare to literacy and therapeutic riding programs. The students even organize and conduct an annual Easter Egg Hunt for local children, complete with bounce houses, face painting, and cotton candy.