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Congratulations, ASU Employees!

ASU faculty and staff who have or will reach employment anniversary milestones as of Dec. 31, 2016, will be honored at the annual Faculty and Staff Service Awards Banquet on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017, in the Houston Harte University Center. ASU President Brian J. May and Kurtis Neal, director of the Office of Human Resources, will present each of the honorees with an award and certificate. Please take a moment to congratulate your colleagues on their achievements.

Forty Year Service Award

Harvey D. Johnson, Mathematics

Thirty-Five Year Service Awards 

Shirley M. Eoff, Honors Program

Adelina C. Morales, Office of the President

Sangeeta Singg, Psychology, Sociology and Social Work

Candy M. Woodul, Accounts Payable

Thirty Year Service Awards 

Elaine M. Beach, Information Technology

Twenty-Five Year Service Awards

Connie Brown, Accounts Payable

Vincent P. Osmanski, Nursing

Kathleen M. Price, Kinesiology

Dallas A. Swafford, Student Disability Services

Sharynn Tomlin, College of Business

Angelina W. Wright, Office of Finance and Administration

Twenty Year Service Awards

James N. Forbes Psychology, Sociology and Social Work

Maurice G. Fortin, Library

Douglas W. Fox, Information Technology

Ernest C. Guevara, Facilities Management

Mark A. Hirt, Information Technology

Linda A. Kornasky, English and Modern Languages

Donna L. Rathbone, Mail Services (Retired)

Sharon F. Weber, Library

Fifteen Year Service Awards

Margaret C. Alexander, Library 

Loren K. Ammerman, Biology

Dionne T. Bailey, Mathematics

Shonda L. Brooks, Payroll Services

Karen Cody, English and Modern Languages

Mark B. Crouch, Computer Science

Brandy L. Hawkins, Office of Accountability

Janet L. Maxwell, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Adam C. Mirike, Facilities Management

Lee E. Morris, Facilities Management

Michelle A. Norris, Scholarship Programs

Jeffrey L. Riels, Information Technology

Micheal W. Salisbury, Agriculture

Jana T. Sparks, College of Graduate Studies

Jennifer A. Stephens, Accounting, Economics and Finance

Jolene M. Varela, Facilities Management

Antonella S. Ward, Library

Ten Year Service Award

Elva Aguilar, Center for International Studies

Jason S. Brown, College of Business

Doyle D. Carter, Center for Community Engagement

Bruce H. Flage, Office of Materials Management

Sandra R. Graves, Athletics

Thomas G. Nurre, Communications and Marketing

Vara O’Neal, Facilities Planning and Construction

Judy G. Polunsky, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Ronald G. Pumphrey, History

Peggy H. Rosser, Small Business Development Center

Gregory D. Schkade, Facilities Management

Ronnie L. Scott ,English and Modern Languages

Raymond T. Simmons, Facilities Management

Shannon L. Sturm, Library/West Texas Collection

Candice B. Upton, Carr Foundation

Christina M. Whetsel, Athletics

James J. Womack, Visual and Performing Arts

Meagan D. Word, College of Education

Five Year Service Award

Felicia Armstrong, Nursing

Gary A. Baker, Accounting, Economics and Finance

Walter M. Baranowski, Nursing

Jessica Behringer, Admissions

Stacy D. Bryan, Admissions

Ella K. Burnett, Teacher Education

Michael J. Burnett, Visual and Performing Arts

Michael S. Burt, Biology

Anthony N. Celso, Security Studies and Criminal Justice

Douglas D. Craddick, Facilities Maintenance

Jeffrey D. Dailey, Security Studies and Criminal Justice

Brook R. Dickison, Curriculum and Instruction

James W. Dickison, Agriculture

Ervin L. Halfmann, Print Shop

Dinah J. Harriger, Nursing

Tara M. Hart, Admissions

Janice M. Hock, Library

Brandon S. Ireton, Athletic Communications

James Leavelle, Small Business Development Center

Melissa R. McDowell, Nursing

Gabrielle V. Miller, Communications and Marketing

Nicholas J. Negovetich, Biology

Kevin L. Owens, Housing and Residential Programs

Sandra K. Pate, Management and Marketing

Robert M. Pullin, Security Studies and Criminal Justice

Elizabeth N. Randell, Office of Sponsored Projects

Justine Salgado, Archer College Health and Human Service

Kelsey R. Samsel, College of Business

Rebecca A. Schkade, Information Technology

Erika L. Scobel, Office of Human Resources

William A. Taylor, Security Studies and Criminal Justice

William W. Wagner, Athletics

Kanisorn Wongsrichanalai, History

Manuel F. Zamora, Security Studies and Criminal Justice

Discounts for Angelo State University Faculty and Staff

We are excited to present the following discounts to ASU Employees:

  • Six Flags Over Texas discount tickets: Purchase your tickets online.
  • Various other discounts on travel, electronic equipment, health & wellness, and many more products thru the ERS Discount Purchase Program “BenePlace”: BenePlace website for ERS members.
  • Cell Phone Discounts:
    AT&T: AT&T website for government employees
    Verizon: Contact Jonathan Gascoyne, 512-470-5980  
    T-Mobile: 15 percent discount on qualified rate plans and activation fee waived (savings of $35 per line). New customers call 866-464-8662, with promo code 17317TMOFAV. Existing customers call 877-453-8824. Proof of employment and agreement extension may be required. Contact with questions.
  • Exclusive discounts to DISH, DIRECTV, ADT Home Security & more. Get the latest promotion PLUS a prepaid Visa card up to $200.

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