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  • ASU Student

    Angelo State has many great opportunities on campus, and if you are active and take good advantage of them, you can accomplish a wide spectrum of things!

    Binhong Lin China
  • ASU Student

    My uncle is an Angelo State alumnus, and when I was back home and he was going to school here he used to call me and tell me how awesome this university was. So when I graduated high school, I took his word and came here. Today, I do not regret a single thing.

    Simba Chavunduka Zimbabwe
  • ASU Student

    When I started my freshman year, I was pleasantly surprised at how kind, helpful and genuinely happy everyone on campus seemed to be. And even more surprising was it wasn’t some sort of happy juice in ASU’s water that year—it just happened to be ASU’s culture.

    Sasha Mabika Zimbabwe
  • ASU Student

    I would 100 percent recommend Angelo State University. It’s a great learning environment with smaller classes where you get to know your professors. Also, the people in the San Angelo area have been super-nice and welcoming.

    Simon Olsen Sweden
  • ASU Student

    The first thing that I noticed when I became a student is the warmness that can be felt around campus. Everyone was kind and didn’t fail to greet me with a smile.

    Martha Avila Mexico
  • ASU Student

    Getting to know all the amazing people on this campus has been one of the most memorable experiences I have from ASU. Students, as well as professors at Angelo State University are so friendly, and it is really easy to get friends, even if you come from another country and might have language barriers. People from this part of Texas are just very outgoing in general, and they genuinely want to learn about the culture you are from.

    Maria Hagland Scandinavia

International Study at Angelo State University

As an international student, the world is open to you. While you explore your academic areas of interest, we hope you’ll give Angelo State University a closer look.

With more than 100 majors and concentrations, we’re confident you’ll find an academic discipline that leads to a career path of your choosing. We also offer 20 master’s degrees and one doctoral degree program for students who want to continue their education. 

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