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Angelo State University
Joint Admission Medical Program

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What does a student applying to JAMP receive?

  • Free tutoring in select classes.
  • Free mentoring from senior pre–health students.
  • Free monthly meetings to discuss medicine and interview training
  • Free access to the JAMP computer room.
  • Free admission and trips to the Texas Academy of Science meetings.
  • Free early shadowing experiences from a network of local physicians.

What does a student accepted to JAMP receive?

  • A scholarship each semester, beginning in the student's sophomore year of college.
  • Summer internships following the student's sophomore and junior years of college at one of the participating medical schools.
  • Mentoring and personal assistance to prepare for medical school while attending college.
  • Admission to a Texas medical school if all program requirements are met.
  • A scholarship to attend a Texas medical school.