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Carr D.P.T. Scholarships

  • Carr Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T) Scholarships
    Scholarship Annual Award* Qualifications
    Carr D.P.T. Fellow Scholarship Up to $4,500 See qualifications below.
    Carr D.P.T. Academic Scholarship Up to $3,000  3.51-4.0 Overall Undergrad GPA
    Carr D.P.T. Scholarship Up to $2,250 3.4-3.5 Overall Undergrad GPA 
    Carr D.P.T. Blue and Gold Scholarship Up to $1,500  Less Than 3.39 Overall Undergrad GPA 

     *The Carr D.P.T. Scholarship awards listed in the above table are based on enrollment requirements as outlined in the D.P.T. curriculum schedule.

    Qualification for Carr D.P.T. Fellow Scholarship

    A maximum of five Carr D.P.T. Fellow Scholarships will be awarded annually. No scholarship application is necessary; however, only students accepted into the program by April 1 will be considered. Selection criteria will be processed by the Doctor of Physical Therapy Admissions Committee and program director.


    There is not an application for this scholarship. You must be accepted for admission to the ASU College of Graduate Studies and Research and ASU’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program to be considered for any Carr D.P.T. Scholarships.

    The College of Graduate Studies and Research will use your undergraduate transcripts to calculate your overall undergraduate grade point average (GPA). If your overall undergraduate GPA falls within one of the ranges listed above, you will automatically be considered for a Carr D.P.T. Scholarship. No deadlines apply.


    With the exception of the Carr D.P.T. Fellow Scholarship, you will be notified by email on a rolling admission basis if you are selected for a Carr D.P.T. Scholarship. Accepted students who meet the criteria for the Carr D.P.T. Fellow Scholarship will be notified no later than April 15.


    To continue receiving your Carr D.P.T. Scholarship, you must maintain good standing with the College of Graduate Studies and Research and the Doctor of Physical Therapy program, as outlined in the D.P.T. Student Handbook.