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Angelo State University
Department of Physical Therapy

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Our DPT Students

Class of 2017

 Luz’Ce Baca, Doil Barnett, Collin Brown, John Castanuela, Landon Cook, Jenny Covill, Shara Cummings, Kelsey Daniel, Taylor Denney, Jeff Gale, Jessica Harrison, Karli Kellermeier, Sarah Larsen, Rebecca Luedeker, Stephen Marquez, Jake Miller, Carlos Morgan, Nicole O’keefe, Shane Purser, Stuart Redding, Josh Roberson, Ryan Ruh, Jordan Schultz, Katherine Squires, Tina Taylor, and Shelby Warick

Class of 2018

Sarosh Ahmed, Courtney Atherton, Reilly Avalos, Allie Beth Buchanan, Austin Cook-Lindsay, Daniela Costa, Austin Felts, Ashlie Francis, Brianna Gathright, Jenna Gerber, Rachel Holik, Brian Huynh, Hannah Iverson, Bryce Jeffrey, Kaitlyn Kupper, Jessica McDowell, Rachel Moore, Chris Mueller, Kyle Reinen, Emily Saville, Tyler Seabourn, Rachael Stanzel, Alex Swize, Ryan Tacker, and Chelsea Thornburg


Class of 2019

Class of 2019

Tyler Althof, Caitlyn Buck, Jacob Burtch, Luke Carmichael, Brett David, Valerie Dimalanta, Amanda Garcia, Daniel Grimes, Shelby Hanna, Autumn Hardin, Kelsey Hattersley, Nancy Heuer, Laurel Hill, Baylee Hirt, Steve Kim, Austin Landin, Brandon Martindale, Junior Ramirez, Jose Rangel, Matthew Ricci, Mark Scheller, Buck Schroeter, Cevan Smithson, Natalia Traverzo, Michael Wicks, and Jason Wilkinson

Angelo State Physical Therapy Association (ASPTA)

Membership is open to any D.P.T. student attending Angelo State University.

The organization has been involved in a variety of community and university activities, including West Texas Rehab Center Spring Chicken Affair, KLST Fall Festival, campus bake sales, trick-or-treating for canned food, Special Olympics (FunFitness), Sonrisas Therapeutic Riding, and health fairs/screenings in the community and at ASU. Future activities may include blood drives, helping with elementary school field days, doing health consultation for the low-income groups, among others.