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Joseph I. Satterfield, Ph.D.

Current Research Areas:

  • Kinematics of Late Cenozoic displacement transfer, central Walker Lane, western Nevada
  • Geologic Map of San Angelo State Park
  • Easternmost Laramide and younger folds and faults in the Big Bend region, Texas
  • Mesozoic structure and stratigraphy of the Sand Springs terrane, western Nevada
Undergraduate Research Students
  • Ruben Sayavedra: Geologic mapping of San Angelo State Park
  • Robert Raney: Geology of Susan Peak Oil Field, Tom Green County
  • Travis Barnett: GEOL 4291: Big Bend Geologic Mapping
  • Victor Siller: Petrography of Big Bend region igneous rocks
  • Mason Brownlee: GEOL 4291: Big Bend Geologic Mapping
  • Dominick Percoco: GEOL 4291: Big Bend Geologic Mapping
  • Amanda Williams: GEOL 4191: Big Bend Geologic Mapping
  • Kendall Clark: GEOL 4391 USGS Hydrology Research
  • Juan Carlos Carranco: GEOL 4391: Geologic mapping of San Angelo State Park
  • Henry Schreiner: GEOL 4391: Dagger Mtn Mapping, GIS, CarrResearch Scholarship project
  • Ryan Sonntag: GEOL 4191, 4291: Big Bend Geologic Mapping
  • Justin Cartwright: Geologic and topographic mapping of proposed disc golf course, San Angelo State Park
  • Jonathan Thomas: PHYS 4391: USGS Geophysics Research
  • Juliana Meadows: GEOL 4391: USGS Hydrology Research

James W. Ward, Ph.D., P.G.

My current interest are in Hydrogeology, Aqueous Geochemistry and traditional Field Geology. I teach a variety of classes here at ASU including Physical Geology, Historical Geology, Introduction to Hydrogeology, Introduction to Geochemistry, Geomapping Fundamentals (GIS), Field Methods in Geology/Hydrogeology, and Summer Field. I am working on a variety of hydrogeology related projects with my research cluster of Senior RA’s including contaminant hydrology, water budgeting, aquifer modeling, etc. I am also the Advisor of our Geoscience Honor Society, the Theta Gamma chapter of the Sigma Gamma Epsilon and co-advisor of the GEO Club.

Undergraduate Research Students
  • Rebbecca Loos: Geoscience and Physics Learning Styles in Higher Education.
  • Amanda WIlliams: Earth Science Learning Styles in Higher Education.
  • Andrew Timmerman: Fecal source determination within the Concho River System, Tom Green County, Texas.
  • J. Louder: Fecal source determination within the Concho River System, Tom Green County, Texas.
  • Garrett Harris: Geochemical analysis of aquifers in the Concho River watershed, Texas.
  • Vaden Aldridge: Using Artificial Neural Network and Multiple Logistic Regression Models to Predict Bacteria Concentrations in Natural Waters.
  • Daniel Garza: Using multiple logistic regression and artificial neural network models to predict elevated bacteria concentrations in natural waters.
  • John Blake: Desalinization of brackish waters.
  • John Phelps: Geotextile investigation. 
  • Brooke Schlemeyer: 3D aquifer modeling of Tom Green County, TX. 
  • Seth Kendrick: Geophysical methods for evaluating brine water contaminants in shallow aquifers.
  • Ross Kushnereit: 3D modeling of freshwater aquifers for Rocker B Ranch, TX.
  • Darren Seidel: Fecal contaminate monitoring of the Middle Concho River, San Angelo, TX.
  • Josue Rodriguez: Karst dye tracing of Sutton County, TX.
  • William White: Frack water chemistry and rock interactions.

Heather L. Lehto, Ph.D.

My research focuses on shallow volcanic processes imaged through seismicity. Specifically how magmatic processes can alter the local stress field at volcanoes and how seismology can be used to image the magma plumbing system. I am also interested in creating and assessing new and innovative teaching tools as part of my research into Geoscience Education

Undergraduate Research Students
  • Mario Mata: Geometry of Dagger Mountain Sills
  • Joseph Elkins: Geometry of Salt Plume in Christoval, TX.
  • Denine Calvin: Stress Field Analysis of Dixie Valley Geothermal Field, NV.
  • Lee Magana: 3D Printing of Educational Tools