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Courses in Physical Science (PS)

  • 1115 *, 1117 */PHYS 1115, PHYS 1117 Introduction to Physical Science
    Laboratory (0- 2). Optional laboratory experiences to supplement
    Physical Science 1315 and 1317, respectively.
    Prerequisite: Credit for at least one college-level mathematics course.

    1315, 1317/PHYS 1315, PHYS 1317 Introduction to Physical Science
    (3-0). An introduction to the foundations of physical science, including
    selected areas of physics, chemistry, earth science, and space science.
    Prerequisite: Credit for at least one college-level mathematics course.

    1403 Introduction to Space Science (3-2). A survey of space science
    from the earliest recognition of the cosmos to the current search for extrasolar
    planetary systems. Major topics include the space environment, planetary
    science, satellite communication, remote sensing, robotic exploration,
    and exobiology.

    3311 *, 3312 * Physical Science Concepts (3-0). A study of physical
    systems and sub-systems, interactions, variables, motion, energy, electricity,
    and magnetism. For students pursuing early childhood certification.

    * Physical Science 3311 and 1115 may be taken concurrently and Physical Science 3312
    and 1117 may be taken concurrently if needed to meet distributional laboratory requirements.