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Collaborative Master of Social Work


  • Introduction

    Angelo State University and the University of Texas at Arlington

    ASU has partnered with the University of Texas at Arlington to offer a Master of Social Work. When you join our two-year program, you’ll take:

    • Online courses through UTA
    • Face-to-face courses at ASU

    In a program designed to accommodate your professional work schedule, you’ll take six semester credit hours, or two courses, each long semester and six credit hours each summer. Your face-to-face courses at ASU will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 -9 p.m.  

    Your courses will be split between ASU and UTA, but you will apply for admission and earn your degree through UTA.

  • Benefits

    When you pursue a master’s degree in social work, you open yourself up for career advancement and higher earning potential. With a master’s degree, you can work in mental health and supervisory roles, as well as lend your expertise to clinical work.

    Your master’s degree coursework will have a mental health concentration, and is consistent with expected social work job growth in the next few years. The curriculum covers practice courses, policy and research.

  • Requirements

    You must have a Bachelor of Social Work from a school accredited by the Council on Social Work Education to apply for this program.

    To apply, visit the UTA School of Social Work website and follow the outlined admission instructions. Once you have been accepted to the UTA program, you will need to apply for graduate admission to ASU at no additional cost. To apply for ASU graduate admission, visit the College of Graduate Studies in the Mayer Administration Building, Room 109.  

    Any financial aid should be awarded through UTA as your tuition and fees payments will be made to UTA.  

  • Two-Year Plan
    Advanced Standing Total hours: 36 
        ASU Face to Face UTA Online  
    1st year  Fall Advanced Micro Practice  6325 Direct Practice in Mental Health  6336 6
      Spring Brain and Behavior  6389 Research and Evaluation  6324 6
      Summer   Social Policy and Mental Health  6319 3
           Total 15
    2nd Year Fall Seminar in Gender Issues  6310
    (elective & subject to change)
    Intimate Partner Violence  6343
    Seminar in Family Therapy  6353
      Spring Applied Social Work Practice I  6451
    Group Dynamics I and Social Work Practice  6312 6
      Summer Applied Social Work Practice II  6452
    Integrative Seminar 6305  6
           Total 21


  • Courses

    Graduate Courses in Social Work (SWK)

    • 6310 Seminar in Gender Issues (3-0). This course will focus on the role gender plays in oppression, diversity, role expectation, marginalization, selfconcept, social and economic injustice, policy development and interventions to combat discrimination.

      6324 Research and Evaluation II (3-0). In this course quantitative and qualitative research methods and commonly used statistical procedures and approaches are applied to the evaluation of social work practice interventions and the evaluation of human service programs. These research skills and knowledge are presented from the perspective of promoting diversity and social and economic justice in the evaluation of social work intervention and the delivery of human service programs.

      6325 Advanced Micro Practice (3-0). Builds on the generalist perspective and the basic familiarity with social work processes (such as problem identification, assessment, contracting, plan implementation, and outcome evaluation) in the context of 1) existing psychotherapeutic modalities, and 2) the particular client characteristics that lend themselves to specific change modalities.

      6336 Direct Practice in Mental Health (3-0). Focuses on assessment and intervention with those evidencing acute and chronic mental health problems and disabilities. The course addresses the delivery of services to various populations (children, adolescents, and adults), service delivery systems (community mental health, managed behavioral health care), and a wide range of problems. Topics include well-being, ethics, case management, treatment planning, managed care, DSM, PIE, and substance abuse.

      6389 Brain and Behavior (3-0). The focus of this course is on current advances in knowledge of the neurobiological underpinnings of human behavior and development, the interaction between those underpinnings and the social contest and environment, the relevance to social work practice with individuals, families, groups, programs/organizations, and communities, and the related assessment and intervention practice behaviors across several practice domains. The domains include human development, genetics, mental health and substance abuse, cognition, stress and trauma, and violence and aggression. The implications of neurobiological and environmental influences (including public health issues and health disparities) will be examined in terms of social justice, social work values, knowledge, and skills, as well as in terms of the structural and systematic arrangement and delivery of social welfare services at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels.

      6451 Applied Social Work Practice I (Internship). Students apply knowledge, skills, and values learned in the classroom in a Field placement setting. Each student will complete 250 hours per semester in an agency setting, working with real clients.

      6452 Applied Social Work Practice II (Internship). Students apply knowledge, skills, and values learned in the classroom in a Field placement setting. Each student will complete 250 hours per semester in an agency setting, working with real clients.

    UTA Graduate Courses in Social Work 

  • More Information

    Contact these program coordinators at each institution:

    Angelo State University
    Thomas Starkey, Ph.D., LCSW

    University of Texas at Arlington
    Jennifer Malone, LCSW