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Pre-Social Work

Students are enrolled as a “Pre-Social Work” major until they meet full admission requirements for the B.S.W. Degree. Students must be admitted into the social work program to graduate with the B.S.W Degree.

 Admission Requirements to the B.S.W. Program

  • A completed Degree Plan declaring Social Work as your major:
  • A completed application for Admission to the B.S.W. degree program as a “Social Work Major”;
  • A completed resume or curriculum vita;
  • At least 30 semester hours if completed college work (sophomore standing)including SWK 2307;
  • All core education curriculum completed (the liberal arts foundation; junior standing) including SWK 2307;
  • A 2.00 GPA on college work taken at ASU;
  • A 2.50 GPA on any previously taken social work courses;
  • A “C” or better in SWK 2307 (Introduction of Social Work);
  • 20 clock hours of volunteer experience in the human or social services; and
  • A personal narrative, no less than five pages, typed in strict adherence to the American Psychological Association’s most current style manual, covering the below content areas. This personal narrative is designed to help the social work faculty evaluate applicants’ writing ability and critical thinking skills.
    1. Your understanding of the social work
    2. Choose at least two of the core values of the social work profession and discuss their importance to you and the social work profession
    3. Why you desire to enter the social work profession
    4. A discussion of three of your personal strengths and three of your personal weaknesses or challenges covering the following points:
      1. how your personal strengths will help you become a professional social worker; and
      2. how you plan to overcome any personal weaknesses or challenges to become a professional social worker; and
      3. Your future goals as a professional (e.g., graduate work in social work, social work employment, social work career path, career-long learning plan, and so forth).
Student Forms

Student Forms

Additional Information

Degree Plan

Complete a Degree plan to declare Social Work as your major. Sign and return to the Social Work Office A 104H.

B.S.W. Application

Upon completing Course 2307; Intro to Social Work; fill out the Application to the BSW Degree Program to become a “Social Work Major”.

Social Work Student Handbook

The Handbook serves to inform prospective and current students about the nature of the Social Work Program, the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree, and the social work minor offered at Angelo State University.

Volunteer Opportunities

The following volunteer opportunities have been approved by the Social Work Faculty as opportunities for Pre-Social Work Students to complete their required 20 hours of volunteer experience.