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Project RamPort

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How was RamPort redesigned?

    A team of professionals from Information Technology and Communications and Marketing worked with stakeholders across campus to reimagine RamPort.

    The project team gathered information from users through focus groups and a campus survey. From there, the team created personas for each user type to identify the tools and services most frequently used.

    Next, the project team held working sessions with our campus subject matter experts to best determine the content to include in RamPort.

  • How will this redesign affect how I use RamPort?

    Our goal is to make more efficient use of your time. The redesign should allow you to more quickly access the campus tools and services that you already use.

  • Why are we redesigning RamPort?

    We needed to upgrade the software for RamPort so that we can continue to receive technical support from our vendor provider, Ellucian. The software upgrade is a big change from what we’ve had, so we decided to take this opportunity to redesign and reimagine the content to create a better user experience.

  • Is training available?

    The purpose of Project RamPort is to make the new version more intuitive and user friendly. Our goal is to eliminate the need for basic training sessions for the general population.

    Several support sessions will be offered after the new RamPort is available.

  • What if I am not a student but I need to see student content as part of my job?

    We are looking into other solutions, but we have a gallery of screenshots to assist you in finding content that may not be available to you. As content is finalized, we will continue to add screenshots to the gallery. Contact the RamPort Team if you need assistance or have any questions.

  • Will RamPort be available on mobile devices?

    Yes, RamPort will be mobile-friendly. However, some of the content links from within RamPort still link to content that may not be as easy to view from mobile devices.

  • Will I be able to customize and move my content?

    The redesign of RamPort should eliminate the need to customize content because the content that is available to you should be more concise and simplified than what you’ve seen in the past.

  • What happened to the My Tab?

    We found that not many members of the campus community used the My Tab, and without the capability to customize content, the My Tab wasn’t needed any more.

  • What happened to the “Back to Work Life” etc. links?

    Banner Self-Service links now open in a new tab within your internet browser. To go back, simply click over to your RamPort tab.

We welcome your questions, comments, and feedback. Please provide contact information so that we can followup with you if necessary.

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