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Audit Process

The Office of Audit Services is granted authority by the TTUS Board of Regents through the Audit Charter, found at Regents’ Rules 07.02.

Audits are performed in three general phases: planning, fieldwork and reporting. Our staff complete self-evaluation questionnaires and compile information about performance measure achievements to monitor the success of our efforts. We believe it is important that our process is understood.

This charts belowdocument the procedures typically used during an audit.

  • Planning

    • Select engagement team
    • Perform preliminary risk assessment with input from the client, management and audit team members
    • Develop audit scope and objectives
    • Document anticipated deliverables
    • Prepare audit program
    • Hold entrance conference
  • Fieldwork

    • Develop and perform detailed testing
    • Document and evaluate processes and controls
    • Interview client staff members
    • Perform other audit procedures to meet audit objectives
    • Communicate with client on an ongoing basis
  • Reporting

    • Document strengths and opportunities for improvement
    • Communicate with client management regarding audit results
    • Develop recommendations
    • Prepare draft report
    • Hold exit conference
    • Obtain management response
    • Prepare final report
    • Evaluate audit performance
    • Follow up on significant findings