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Four-Year Plan

  • Job Search

    Job Search and Transition

    Checklist of Goals

    • Attend all Career Development events. You WILL learn something new.
    • Join professional organizations within your chosen field. Student rates are often cheaper!
    • Maintain relationships with faculty and mentors. Ask permission to use them as references.
    • Continue to obtain relevant experience.
    • Meet with one of Career Development’s advisors to discuss resources and strategies for your specific career goals.
    • Edit your résumé, electronic portfolio and website content to reflect your strengths, qualifications and career goals.
    • Research salaries using NACE Salary Guide.
    • Determine geographic preference(s) and research employers within that area. Access Glassdoor for an inside look at companies (salaries, reviews, interview questions and more).
    • Start writing cover letters. Refer to Letter Builder in OptimalRésumé for tips and examples.
    • Continue cultivating contacts and talking with professionals in your field. Networking works!
    • Fine-tune your interviewing skills using Interview Prep in OptimalRésumé, then contact Career Development to participate in a Mock Interview.
    • Follow up interviews with thank-you letters using Letter Builder. They really do make a difference!
  • Experience

    Gain Marketable Experience

    Checklist of Goals

    • Continue to maintain a strong GPA.
    • Seek a leadership/officer position within your student organizations to strengthen your skills and your résumé.
    • Develop mentor(ee) relationships with key individuals who may serve as references.
    • Check the Career Development website for a list of events and mark them on your calendar.
    • Establish goals for a summer or fall internship that focuses on a specialty area in your field.
    • Keep your information and electronic portfolio up-to-date with OptimalRésumé.
    • Consider creating your own website using the Website Builder in OptimalRésumé.
    • Watch the CareerSpots video “Networking & Your Personal Brand” found on the Career Development website.
    • Secure information interviews and job shadowing experiences with professionals in your field(s) of interest to gain industry insight and expand your professional network.
    • Research graduate or professional school qualifications, required application materials and deadlines. Register for any appropriate entrance exam.
    • Use Interview Prep in OptimalRésumé to refine your interviewing skills. Select specific questions, record your responses, and critique your performance.
    • Put together an interview outfit and start building your professional wardrobe.
    • Investigate several professional organizations in your career field.
    • Complete an internship in your chosen field.
  • Exploration

    Explore Majors and Careers

    Checklist of Goals

    • Confirm your choice of a major and identify three to four related career options of particular interest using the “What Can I Do With This Major?” resource on the Career Development website.
    • Explore careers of interest. Ask Career Development for occupational information.
    • Determine if your career goals require additional education and/or training.
    • Conduct informational interviews with professionals in your field(s) of choice. This is a great way to learn about jobs and network!
    • Update your information and electronic portfolio using OptimalRésumé and have a Career Development staff member critique it.
    • Prepare for internship interviews. Use Interview Prep in OptimalRésumé to record your responses and critique your performance using real-life multimedia. Watch CareerSpots videos for tips.
    • Obtain a volunteer, freelance, part-time or summer job to test you chosen career field. Meet with a career advisor for helpful information and resources.
    • TIP: Ask for a copy of your job description and use it to update your résumé.
    • Visit the Career Development website for a list of career-related activities (job fairs, etiquette dinners, etc.).
    • Consider a minor that will enhance your qualifications and/or broaden your marketability.
    • Maintain a strong GPA. It matters!
    • Work toward leadership positions in your student organizations and develop transferable skills and a reputation for having a strong work ethic.
  • Awareness

    Become Aware of Self and Resources 

    Checklist of Goals

    • Explore your interests, personality, work values, skills and motivations.
    • Visit with a career advisor for help with self-assessment and occupational research. Call Career Development to schedule an appointment to discuss taking a “career test.”
    • Visit the Resource Library in the Career Development office to learn more about careers of interest.
    • Research majors of interest by visiting academic department websites.
    • Identify career options within majors of interest using the “What Can I Do With This Major?” resource on the Career Development website.
    • Think about getting a part-time job.  
    • Use OptimalRésumé, a suite of online career tools available to ASU students, to create items such as a résumé, cover letters and a website.
    • Create an electronic portfolio using the Portfolio Builder in OptimalRésumé to display your special achievements, writing, honors, letters of recommendation and multimedia creations.
    • Get involved in clubs or student organizations.
    • Go to all your classes and do your best academically. Remember your priorities.
    • Attend Career Development seminars and events. It’s not too early!
    • Get a summer job or volunteer position related to your major/career/industry goals.

Career Exploration

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