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  • Faculty
    • Why can’t students see my course?

      Don’t forget that Blackboard courses are initially set as Unavailable to students. Once you are ready for students to view your course, simply go to the Control Panel, select “Customization” and click “Properties.” Set the availability in Section 3 and click “Submit.”

    • I submitted a course request but do not have my courses in Blackboard. Where are they?

      If the course is listed as TBA, please contact the Registrar’s office. Once the course has been assigned to you, please submit a new course request by logging into Blackboard, clicking on the Support Tab and filling out the request.

      If you are listed as the instructor of record, please contact the eLearning Center at 325-486-6263.

    • How do I add another user as an instructor?

      Your students will be enrolled automatically. However, to add another user type to the course (Teaching Assistant or Co-Instructor) do the following:

      • Inside the course, go to the Control Panel and select “Users and Groups.”
      • Select “Users.”
      • Select the blue button that says “Find a User to Enroll.”
      • Browse to find the user.
      • Select the role you want to give them.
      • Make sure to hit the “Submit” button when you are done.
    • How do I set my grade center up?

      Review these how-to tutorials:

      Video on how to set up your Grade Center.

      Handout on how to set up your Grade Center.

    • How do I grade a TurnItIn Assignment?

    Blackboard Support

    Feeling confused about Blackboard? Don’t worry – you can get face-to-face training throughout the semester and/or access our training materials.

    1. Using your ASU user ID and password, log in to Blackboard at
    2. Select the “Support” tab. If you are an instructor, you are automatically enrolled in the course.
    3. Choose the “Blackboard Support” link. If you are an instructor, the Blackboard Support course will be listed in the “My Courses” module on the “Angelo Bb” tab.

    This Blackboard Support course has videos, handouts, tips and ideas from your colleagues.

  • Students

    Feeling confused about Blackboard? Here’s a few tips.

    1. Using your ASU user ID and password, log into Blackboard at
    2. Select the “Blackboard Help for Students” course located under the My Courses module on the “Angelo Bb” tab, or you can select the “Support Tab” and choose the “Blackboard Support” link.


technology requirements

In order for Blackboard to work optimally please follow the following browser guidelines provided by Blackboard.

Learn More About Technology Requirements