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“Excellence in West Texas History” Fellowship


The West Texas Collection at Angelo State University sponsors two fellowships which are intended to jumpstart a resurgence of scholarship on West Texas and its history. The western half of Texas, from the border with Mexico to the Panhandle, needs a new generation of professionally trained historians, providing fresh, cutting-edge research on the region.

Program Goals

  1. Encourage research on all topics and time periods in West Texas history.
  2. Generate increased publicity for and use of West Texas’ excellent regional archives.
  3. Study and address the formidable challenges and intriguing changes facing West Texas in the twenty-first century.
  4. Encourage academic scholarship in West Texas.

Read about the two inaugural recipients of the “Excellence in West Texas” Fellowship awards in this bonus article, written by Preston Lewis, and published in the Fall 2009 issue of the ASU Magazine.

Fellowships & Area of Study

Two fellowships of $40,000 per year will be awarded for the finest, new cutting-edge scholarship on West Texas covering all time periods and are open to all applicants nationwide finishing their doctoral work or with Ph.D. in hand.

The amount covers living, research and travel expenses. In addition to the $40,000, each fellowship also includes a $5,000 publishing subvention. West Texas region for study must fall within the following area: From the 100th meridian (Abilene, San Angelo, and Eagle Pass) on the east to El Paso on the west. The Texas Panhandle is included. Any area of study east of the 100th meridian (Abilene) is not eligible.

Initial fellowships will be awarded at an event to be held at Angelo State University. Fellowships will not be awarded for Borderlands Studies unless expanded to examine and serve the greater West Texas region. Proposals should be framed against a larger regional or national narrative.

Regional archives and holdings

Topics of Study

Studies that examine the region using fresh primary sources, along with new and original insights will be given the strongest consideration. Community studies; economic, labor or environmental histories; race, cultural, ethnic, and gender studies; or cross-disciplinary approaches are welcome.

These fellowships should result in a publishable monograph, and the Fellowship Committee will be working with academic presses in Texas and the surrounding states towards that end. Workshops (featuring visiting scholars) will be held each year with each of the fellowship recipients to assess their progress and offer feedback on their work. Each Fellow is also encouraged to present a paper on their research at the West Texas Historical Association’s annual meeting as well as other professional associations.

Possible Fellowship Study Topics

Summary of Fellowship Expectations

  1. Fellows will use their year to conduct research at West Texas archives.
  2. Fellowships are expected to result in publishable works.
  3. Fellows will participate in private workshops each year which assess progress and offer feedback.
  4. Fellows are encouraged to present a paper covering some aspect of their research at the West Texas Historical Association Annual Meeting.