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  • Important Housing Updates

    First-year and Returning Student Housing areas designated.

    In support of the university’s first-year success program, we are pleased to announce that we have designated several areas in our residence halls as first year student clusters. These clusters will continue to emphasize interaction, improving study skills and the range of “new” issues that students face as they transition into university life, while having the opportunity to benefit from the experience of engaging with returning students. As always, supportive and well trained staff will be readily available to offer advice and assistance!

    Primarily First-Year Housing clusters will include: Plaza Verde, Robert Massie Hall, Mary Massie Hall, Texan Hall, Carr Hall, and Centennial Village.

    Returning and transfer students will also benefit from the change as areas set aside for them will feature some changes to programs and services that will be more tailored to meet the different needs of students are not in their first year of college life. More emphasis on leadership, career planning, participation in Hall government and support for increasing levels of independence.

    Primarily returning student areas will include: Plaza Verde, Robert Massie Hall, Mary Massie Hall, Texan Hall, Centennial Village Vanderventer Apartments, Carr Hall, and Concho Hall.

  • Changes Related to Contract Cancellation Requests

    Please Note: Deadlines with Financial Implications.

    Students who meet University requirements to live off campus, will have until August 15 (or January 10 for Spring Cancellations) to request contract cancellation (in writing) without penalty.  You may do so by emailing the housing office at  After August 15, students meeting the requirements to live off campus who request cancellation of their Housing Contract, will have their request reviewed by an exemptions committee to determine if they will be released and may be subject to Liquidated Damages Charges.  These charges must be paid prior to the first day of classes in order to secure contract release. This is the same process that has been in place for several years for students requesting mid-year (December) contract cancellation.

    There are a couple of exceptions to the assessment of liquidated damage charges:

    • Graduating or not enrolling at ASU.
    • Getting married prior to the start of the applicable semester.
    • Student teaching, study abroad or Internship that requires you to live in another town at a distance of greater than 70 miles from the campus.
  • Contract Cancellation vs. Housing Exemption

    Contract cancellation is a separate and different process from the Housing Policy Exemption process. Housing Policy Exemption, deals specifically with students who are required to live on campus under the provisions of the University‘s Housing Policy. Contract cancellation more typically applies to students who are not required to live on campus, but who are seeking to break their academic year Housing contract. If you have questions about either process, please contact us at housing@angelo and let us review your specific situation with you.

  • Expectations & Customer Service Standards

    College can be an exciting and anxious time for families and students, particularly when it is the first time they have lived apart. Both sides are probably going to go through some adjustments.

    Residential Programs recognizes that parents and other family members are important influences and support systems for our students. We share your commitment to student success.

    We want the students who live with us to succeed academically and personally as a result of their time at ASU. Our policies and programs are grounded in proven student development theory as well as the practical “hands on” experience that has helped thousands of college students succeed in a university setting.

    You can expect us to:

    • Support your student by being available when they need help or information.
    • Offer educational, social and leadership activities designed to enhance students’ academic and personal development efforts – and help them have fun.
    • Provide students with opportunities to apply problem-solving skills that will help them develop self-confidence and independence, as well as the sense of interdependence that comes from being a part of a diverse community of fellow students.
    • Treat students like adults who are capable of making responsible decisions.
    • Challenge students to broaden their experience by learning about and from others and showing tolerance for differing points of view.

    Within the parameters of our legal and philosophical responsibilities to student privacy and development, we hope to engage family members as partners in the university housing experience. We encourage you to contact us with any questions and we look forward to working with you.

    We pledge to you that we will:

    • Greet you with a smile.
    • Treat you with respect.
    • Take time to listen to you.
    • Take a genuine interest in you.
    • Provide accurate information in a user friendly way.
    • Ask for your feedback and use it to improve our programs and services.
    • Be knowledgeable and well-trained.
    • Respond to your inquiries, problems or concerns promptly and identify any options or possible solutions available.
    • Demonstrate excellent stewardship of our facilities by ensuring that they are clean, well-maintained and comfortable, and provide a physical environment conducive to learning.
    • Remember that we are here to help you succeed!

    Thank you for choosing living and learning on campus.

  • Residence Hall Staffing

    Residence halls are staffed by trained and skilled personnel. Our team of full-time professional and student paraprofessional staff members are there 24 hours a day to offer support and guidance, oversee hall operations, respond to emergencies, help enforce ASU policies and procedures, and facilitate a sense of community distinct to each residence hall.

    Carefully selected upperclassmen serve as resident assistants and student hall directors. These peer mentors offer advice, help students work out minor problems, help them meet people and get involved in activities and programs, and provide information about the many other campus services available to students.

    In addition to the resident assistants and student hall directors, Housing & Residential Programs employs about 40 on-campus students to fill various other positions, including office assistants, summer conference staff, etc.

    Full-time professional staff members live in and  manage the day-to-day operations of the residence halls. These full-time university staff have specialized professional and academic training and experience. They are skilled in dealing with the wide range of experiences and issues common to college life.