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Receiving Scholarships

Receiving Scholarships from Outside of ASU

Have been notified that you will be receiving a scholarship from an outside donor(s) from you high school, church etc.?

If yes, please send a list that includes the name of the scholarship and the amount of the scholarship. You do not have to include any scholarships that you have been awarded by Angelo State University (i.e. Carr, Band, Cheerleading…).

Don’t let your checks be delayed!

Share our address with your donor so your check(s) will not be delayed. Your donor will also need to include your ASU Campus ID number (CID) or date of birth with your full name.

  • ASU Station #11048, San Angelo, TX 76909

 Proof of Enrollment/Billing Statement

Find Proof of Enrollment on RamPort:

  • Click on the Rams icon
  • Click on the Registration link
  • Click on the Student Concise Schedule link

Find a Billing Statement on RamPort:

  • Click on the Financial Aid & Billing page
  • Click on the View Bill icon
  • Click the drop down and select the semester
  • Click Submit

Disbursing Scholarships

If your donor provides us with a letter stating the terms of that scholarship, our office will process that scholarship exactly as the donor outlines.  If the letter states that full time enrollment is required, we will not disburse the funds until you have enrolled full time.

Should the donor not specify which term the funds are for, we will automatically split the funds evenly between the fall and the spring semester. 

All financial aid and scholarships will be applied toward your student bill. If you receive financial aid and scholarships in excess of your bill, you will be refunded via your ASU OneCard. Additional information on refunds and the refund process can be found on the Financial Aid website.

Review Scholarship Award

Follow these steps to accept your financial aid and scholarships.

  • Log in to RamPort
  • Select the Financial Aid & Billing page
  • Select View/Accept Financial Aid Awards located in the Financial Aid section
  • Click the drop-down menu and select the aid year
  • Click Submit

How Scholarships affect Other Forms of
Financial Aid

Depending on the types of financial aid you have been awarded, scholarships may impact existing financial aid awards. ASU monitors your “need” as indicated in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid as it relates to the university’s cost of attendance. More information is available in the “Awarding Financial Aid” section of Financial Aid’s Consumer Information web page.