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Important Information about Mobile Devices

In order to use some Apps@ASU features on mobile devices, you must set up a Google password that is different than your ASU password. This Google password does not change, even when you change your ASU password.

Which password do I use?

Create a Google password

Apps@ASU Services


Launch RamMail


A Gmail account using your email address includes 30GB of storage, powerful spam filtering, and no ads.

Get Help

Using Gmail at school
Tutorials, videos, FAQs, and instructions for setting up your mobile device

Set up RamMail on your devices

RamMail FAQs

Note: RamMail is only available to students at this time. Faculty and staff will continue to use their existing email accounts.

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Launch Google Calendar


Easily schedule lessons and meetings, and share with your classes, teams and clubs.

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Using Google Calendar at school
Tutorials, videos, FAQs, and instructions for setting up your mobile device

Set up Google Calendar on your devices

Calendar FAQs

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Launch Google Drive

Drive New!

Unlimited storage space for you to create docs, presentations, spreadsheets, and more.

Google Docs Docs
Google Sheets Sheets
Google Slides Slides

Get Help

Get started with Google Drive
Get set up, learn to create and share files, and sync Drive with your devices.

Set up Google Drive on your devices

Drive FAQs

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Launch Google Sites

Sites New!

Build project websites as easily as creating documents, without writing any code.

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Get started with Google Sites
Learn how to create a site, insert interactive elements, customize your layout, and more.

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Google Plus

Launch Google+

Google+ New!

Create a Google+ profile to connect, communicate, and share with others in your community.

Get Help

Google+ Help
Learn how to set up your profile, create circles and hangouts, get Google+ on your mobile device, and more.

Set up Google+ on your devices

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Still have questions?

Please visit our Apps@ASU support page.

Signing in to Google iOS apps

Google iOS Apps (Gmail, Drive, Google+, Hangouts) require an extra step before logging in with your ASU username and password.

  1. On the initial Google login page, enter your ASU email address, leave the password empty, and click “Sign In”.
  2. Once you are redirected to the Apps@ASU login page, enter your ASU username and password and click “Log In”.