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Using hashtags in your social media marketing can be a great way to generate more interest and support for your efforts.

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or phrase that begins with the pound sign (#) and is used in to help categorize social media posts.

A hashtag should not be confused with a handle, which typically begins with the “@” symbol and is followed by a username. Using someone’s handle in a post, or “mentioning” them, is a good way to bring a specific user into a conversation or encourage post sharing. 

  • Common ASU Hashtags

    These are widely used campus hashtags that can be used whenever appropriate.

    #angelostate – Used to denote anything that has to do with ASU.

    #ramfam – Refers to all faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of the university.

    #angelostatevoice – Helps promote the “Raise Your Voice” campaign to acknowledge any aspect of ASU that deserves special attention.

    #angeloachieves – Used to acknowledge any members of the Ram Family, individually or collectively, who have earned some type of recognition for their work.

    #angelograd - Used to acknowledge ASU graduates during commencement ceremonies. Can also be used to denote ASU alumni.

    #ichoseangelostate – Helps promote the “I Chose Angelo State” ongoing campaign to highlight why members of the Ram Family have chosen ASU above all other universities.

    #angelobound – Used during ASU summer orientation sessions.

    #angelorw – Used during ASU’s welcome weekend to kick off the fall semester.

  • Why Use Hashtags?

    A Good Hashtag Can:

    • Develop better brand recognition
    • Boost the reach of a campaign
    • Develop more brand loyalty

    Hashtags Help You:

    • Get found in searches
    • Add context to your posts (because they’re often descriptive)
    • Show humor or emotion
    • Find and follow discussions about the university, other related topics, events, locations and campaigns

    A Good Hashtag Is:

    • Memorable
    • Unique to your campaign or efforts
    • Relevant on the posts where you use it
  • Hashtag Do’s and Don’t’s


    • Be obvious. Choose a hashtag that is meaningful and easy to recall.
    • Search existing hashtags on the social media platforms you plan to use before adopting a new hashtag.
    • Choose a hashtag that will have some longevity. Marketing campaigns can take some time to really get up and moving, so you’ll typically want a hashtag that can last for more than a couple of days.
    • Use images with your hashtags to better illustrate what you are posting about.
    • Live post with your hashtag during promotional events.


    • Use too many hashtags. They can devalue your message.
    • Use trending hashtags that have no relevance to you or the content that your group or organization posts about.
    • Use hashtags as the only content of your posts. Hashtags should enhance your post, but they aren’t the main content.
    • Make a long phrase a hashtag because they are difficult to read.
    • Make your hashtag too broad.